Let your film talk

Films Ken offers plethora of services which includes holistic as well as specific services.

Holistic Services

In holistic services we provide end to end solutions to fulfill your requirement. You just need to let us know your requirement and we will take care of the rest.

  • Corporate Video
  • Ad Films
  • Viral Videos
  • Video Testimonials
  • Product Catalogue
  • Product Photo shoot
  • Product Photography
  • Photography Cost
  • Animation Studio
  • 2d and 3d Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Commercial Film Shoot
  • Corporate Film Makers
  • Short Film Makers
  • Videography Services
  • Video Production Services

Specific services

In specific services we handle the particular responsibility that we undertake. We take utmost care that the service we provide fits perfectly in the final creation.

  • Concept Development
  • Script Writing
  • Project Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Camera Crews
  • Production Personnel
  • On Screen Talent
  • Video Editing
  • Sound Engineering
  • Musical Scoring
  • Color Correction
  • Video Finishing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Visual Effects

The route that we follow:

At Films Ken, we have carved a detailed route to handle any project that we address. The milestones of this route are:

Setting Clear objectives and defining success
We begin to work with you for setting up a specific and achievable video objectives. This helps us to measure the success in a simple manner. Also, it gives a clear direction to your project.

Market and audience research
Any video production exercise is futile unless we know our audience. For a same reason we do an in-depth analysis of your target audience and what they care about. Also, we take your valuable insights regarding your customers.

Setting up a clear core message
Core message is very important to drive action towards your goal that’s in line with your brand and engaging for your audience. That is why this is an important phase in our workflow.

Creative ideation and story building
Taking a step ahead, we develop a creative concept for your video by blending the imagination and insight. Building narrative is a next step.

Scripting and storyboarding
Now to incorporate your message and story, we write a video script. Here our storyboards will help you visualize the finished piece.

Actual production, animations and editing
Next comes the actual filming. After this the story is made live by editing and animation work.

Measuring the effectiveness
To measure the success based on your original objectives, now it’s time to distribute your video content. It helps us to gauge the response about the video content.